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Foggy Bottom-0022

About Us

Our vision and mission is to offer a unique experience for our customers with customer service being our #1 priority. Our core values include a company focused on "Faith, Family & Fresh Barbecue". Offering a relaxed, family, in-community restaurant with focus on delivering fresh barbecue and experience. As a child, Stacy's memories included spending time with family/friends, watching LSU football and eating Crawfish boils. For that reason, there is some cajun items such as Red Beans & Rice, Jamalaya on Thursday, and various crawfish boils within season. 

In 2012, Stacy created the foggy bottom BBQ competition team, teamed up with neighbor and friend, Phillip, and started professionally competing in BBQ events across the state of Georgia. As things evolved, Foggy Bottom started catering, vending at festivals, and providing fundraisers for local youth sporting programs. Some early success, tremendous support from friends and family, and constant demand for great southern food...Foggy Bottom BBQ was born. After 17 years in the Software Sales business, Stacy decided to take a step out, follow his passion of "Faith, Family & Food" and launch Foggy Bottom BBQ. We strive to deliver delicious BBQ with a focus on our local community. In the is all about Family, Friends & Food. Without Faith, we would not be where are are today. We trust that God will bless Foggy Bottom, our customer, our staff, and our community. We want to thank all our family and friends that have helped us achieve our dream. We could not do it without you!